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Dit profiel is op dit ogenblik niet actief.


It was in 1987, when I looked at Deejay of Baccardi (discotheque with Asse in the Eighties) which I wanted to become Dj because I found that extra to be able to give pleasure to people with the music. I thus started by animating several private evenings (balls, marriages, birthdays...), I were 15 years old at the time and I mixed on two platinums JB SYSTEM with belt and 2 CD PHILIPS, very simple, without "pitch". It is in 1991, that the things will change by meeting Michou, large character at the time of the nights of Brussels, and who was responsible for the evenings of the Discotheque the EMPIRE. It is him which will give the opportunity of mixer to me in front of a true public! In 1994, a friend informs me that it sought a deejay in Saint-Tropez (1994-1997) on the Town square of Brussels. It was my first discotheque as "a resident", and I remained two years there, after which, I left with the FEMININ (1997-1999), gay discotheque where I mixed with Mike Orlando (which were at that time "resident" of Rocca) and Pascal Clark (who was the "resident" of the Garage). In 1995, I met Dj Phill, resident SPACE OF CAPITAL NIGHT, this one will give the opportunity of mixer to me every Monday and Tuesday as well as the other days of the week when it is not there (of 1995 to 2000). In 1998, Pascal Clark and Illah of the Garage propose to me to replace them with platinums when those are absent all while also leaving me mixer with them (the signal in Brussels at the time!). In 1999, I left mixer with the VELVET (Town square of Brussels), discobar connected capital (1999-2000). In 2001, I joined Marco and we opened two discotheques in France(initially in Lourdes then with Port Leucate). In 2002, return in Belgium, always in partnership with Marco, we opened a discotheque with Verviers, the POCO-LOCO (become the FLY). In 2004, I am turned over to the SPACE OF CAPITAL NIGHT, become the MUSEUM meanwhile then the CULTURE MUSEUM where I worked as Dj but also responsible technique. At the end of 2005, I had made the decision to stop the boxes as "a resident" for purposes devoting me of advantage to my small family while launching with Dj.MC the sites sound sono-mariage.be and sonomobile.be what enables me since to have badly evenings not deprived such as Mariage, birthday, ball and Co. 2007, I met dj Dany what enabled me to have not badly evenings the bar Oreilly' S like in Oreilly' S NUA (discotheque) while mixing once per month in Claridge for the evenings of 7 the fished capital ones 2008, I often mix with the NUA and Oreilly' S like from time to time in Wil Geese. From April 4, I will be from time to time in Soho with Dj Marco. to follow...


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