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Date of birth: 10/11/1973
Pseudonym: Furax
Projects: Redshark, Alexander Skip, Bulex, FVL, ...
Official name: Alexandre Schippers
Musical style: Hardstyle , Jumpstyle , Hard-dance, French teck , hard-trance, techno, specialized retro

Dj Furax aka Alexandre is Dj , compositor and producer .

With an extreme energy level and master technique, Furax combines the various harder styles into one blend of high quality music .

Passionate by music, and inspired by Amnesia, Conffeti's and Lord of Acid. The talented Dj Furax started his career 15 years ago at the young age of 15.

1993 was the year of his first official performance .

He has since then played with countless world famous internationals DJ’s such as Guetta , Solveig, The Prophet , Technoboy, Dana, Dee Pack & many many more.

His success seems to be the combination of styles but we can not forget his excellence as a producer.

Aside of Furax’s many Belgian residencies, he has performed for the largest organisations such as B2S , Q-Dance, ID&T .

The Matrixx and at the largest festivals, let us note his participation at HardBass (NL) Decibel (NL) Qlimax (BE), Technoparade (F) The city parade (BE) Mysterland (NL), Q-base (D) Defqon 1 (NL) Emporium (NL) and Pussy Lounge (NL).

His popularity exceeds our borders and his success is exported with regular invitations at the Métropolis ( Paris ), Temptation ( Spain ), The Netherlands and has even explored Russia in 2005.

Furax opened his own recording studio and produce under more than 5 labels since 2001.

Furax, is not only a dj , but he also performs Live . He was the first to introduce Live performances in Belgium where all his compositions and remixes were carried out on real time.

These LIVE acts have existed for 10 years now under the names Hip-notic 303 and more recently, FVL LIVE and now Furax Fire Force. He has now started with a totally new concept: A Truth LIVE, with remixes of all best hits out at the moment and retro remixes of his own compositions . His live acts have also met great success in France and in the Netherlands.


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