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Jean Delaru. Real name Johan Verstraeten. Born in 1974. In 1992, age 18, he began working as a mobile dj and after 4 years he became a professional dj. At that time he played in the clubs : Illusion on friday, Bizar (Obsession) on saturday and Carat on sunday and monday. Trance was the first music that captivated him. In 1998 he also started to produce and at the end of the year he made his first record. The end of the 90’s was also the beginning of a new sound for him. House music. In 2002, the famous afterclub Carat had to close the doors and Jean moved to club Outline on sunday where he played house music. He was perfectly placed there, the club was a succes. At the moment he plays house and tech-house and has a resident place in club Diverso Resident places @ Belgian biggest : - Illusion - Carat - Bizar (Obsession) - Outline - Bar-a-Bar - Diverso He also organizes following concepts : - Carat reunion - Bar-a-Bar - Fiesta Loca - Deejay's club reunion and in summer he's resident for 6 years now in Spain and still addicted to music. /// Discography Carat Trax - Paradise in motion (XTC, 1999) Mystical adventures - Hecuba (Pure Faith, 2001) Mystical adventures - Plagues of Egypt (Pure Faith, 2001) Terrapin - A lie (Revelation records, 2001) Terrapin - Phantom leap (Revelation records, 2001) Terrapin - Blue print (Revelation records, 2002) Terrapin - Zero traffic (Revelation records, 2002) Terrapin - Back to basics (Revelation records, 2003) Jean Delaru & Jimmy Goldschmitz - Mr Joe (Illusion @ The Beach CD, 2007) Jean Delaru vs Jan Vervloet - Babazulu ( Hype Records 2010) Jean Delaru vs Dj Philip - Miss Geraldine (Nanouchi Music, 2012) Jean Delaru vs Dj Philip - We love Ibiza (Nanouchi Music, 2012)

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