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Techno, House

Maandag 14 Augustus 2017, 22:00
15 Augustus 2017, 8:00

180 Chaussée de Tournai, 7743 Esquelmes (BE)

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Age of Love rarely ventures out of their hometown Ghent ... except when they are offered big festival stages as the one on Tomorrowland where they will be touching down for the fourth time in July. After the big success of last year’s edition, they will however move to the former La Bush club again also for a well deserved Summer Break on Monday, August 14th. Now called the Pulse Café, the main room of this state-of-the –art club has one of the best sound-systems in the country and the most impressive lightshow ever seen. Next to that, they have an amazing outdoor area with swimming pool where you will be able to enjoy the one and only Ibiza atmosphere. On the line-up you can find a lot of renowned artists as Lambda, Systematic Parts, César de Melero, Sven van Hees and many others.

The main room will be a full blown Age of Love party as they are known from their always sold-out editions in Vooruit and Artcube in Ghent. And this time, DJ George’s is also celebrating his birthday there. Double party, double the fun! DJ George’s, owner of the club, only rarely still plays himself despite his excellent reputation. He will be joined by Lambda of the huge hit ‘Hold on Tight’ and Systematic Parts of the gorgeous ‘Violins de la nuit’ track. Next to them DJ Halogen who you can also find on the La Bush compilations and famous Belgian names as Mr. Sam, Olivier Pieters and Phi Phi, next to the more recent residents of the club, CP and Michael Forzza. That the main room will be rocking all night long, is already guaranteed!
For those who prefer to get in the mood a bit more laidback, there will be the outdoor area which will be provided by the perfect beats as of 22h00, just like the main room. There you will find a true outdoor Ibiza party by the pool and beach. On the line-up one of the biggest Ibiza veterans ever with the legendary César de Melero. César was one of the first residents of Space, resident at ‘People from Ibiza’ in Amnesia for six years and Privilege’s long-time resident. He will be sharing the decks with Sven van Hees who has played many (beach) parties on Ibiza draaide and can be found on a lot of lounge and chill compilations from the magical island. Quincy, Brandy and Huggy Anton complete the line-up of the outdoor area where you will be able to dance till 5h00 in the morning.

In teh second room you will be able to go down on the sound of ‘Extreme on Mondays’, one of the most legendary club concept from the Belgian dance music history. Leading the way is no one else than the man who was responsible, Phi Phi. He chose Franky Jones, Zolex, Cosmo and Roddy Reynaert to join him on this quest.
In the third room with the fountain where the after-parties want on till late the next day during the nineties, you can hear all those tracks that made sure those after-parties were so perfect as this from 3h00 till the closing at 8h00. They will be brought to you by Laurent Top, Jack E, Cosmo and Vince.
Take a break, a summer break, on Age of Love’s only visit to another club than their home-base Ghent and relive the atmosphere of the nineties and Ibiza on the only party that knows how to revive it time after time!

▦ Extra's

In & Outdoor event with swimming pool!
Live Vj annimation - Full Color Lasershow - Lounge Area - Gogo Dancers - Fire dance acts - Special Effects - Dance Platforms & many more.




☼ Main room: Dj George's B-day

LAMBDA (Hold on tight / NL)
SYSTEMATIC PARTS (Violin de la nuit / NL)
DJ HALOGEN (Habituate as featured on La Bush vol.9 / NL)
Dj George's (La bush)
Mr Sam (Diki records)
Olivier Pieters (Boccaccio)
Phi Phi (Extreme)
Cp (Pulse factory)
Michael Forzza (Pulse Factory)

☼ Outdoor: People of Ibiza

CESAR DE MELERO (Privilege, Pacha, Space / IBZ)
SVEN VAN HEES (Café d’anvers, Liaisons dangereuses)
Quincy (Age of Love, Cirque Magique)
Brandy (Reve d’O, Catacombes)
Huggy Anton (Escape / Galaxie FM)

☼ Room 2: Extreme on Mondays

Phi Phi (Extreme on Mondays legend)
Franky Jones (Extreme, Enterprise)
Zolex (Extreme, Globe)
Cosmo (Extreme on Mondays)
Roddy Reynaert (Armada)

☼ Room 3: After la bush

Laurent Top (La Bush)
Jack E (La Rocca)
Cosmo (Carat)
Vince (Kings club)


Tickets: Presale: 15,00 euro – Doors: 20,00 euro
Online : http://tickets.ageoflove.be

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