party Bonzai Ardennes 2018

Bonzai Ardennes 2018

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Zaterdag 12 Mei 2018 20:00 » 13/05/2018 04:00


Route des 2 Provinces, 1, 6900 Marche-en-Famenne (BE)

Techno, Trance, House


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We continue our national tour in 2018 and welcome you to join us for the first edition of Bonzai Ardennes 2018 on 12th May at the Wex complex in Marche-en-Famenne. Deep in the heart of Wallonia in the Ardennes forest, surrounded by historically important towns and villages, we aim to spread the Bonzai sound far and wide, for all of Belgium and beyond to enjoy. The Wex complex boasts the perfect area for us to indulge in a night of frenzied retro hedonism. We will transform one of its vast halls into a visually stunning and auditory immersive experience that you will not forget and, to help us out we've enlisted the skills of our very own DJ squad including Bonzai All Stars, Jan Vervloet, Franky Kloeck, Dave Davis and DJ Ghost as well as special guests and local heroes V Beatz & Lucky who will open the party and Furax who will close the party. We've also lined up a long awaited live show from Belgian icons of electronic dance music, Jones & Stephenson, this is not to be missed. We kick off proceedings at the earlier start time of 8pm til 4am - plenty of time to get your rave on. So, get your crew together and make your way to this stunning part of the world, enjoy the scenery and soak up the history, then get yourself into party mode, we'll do the rest!

Bonzai All Stars
Dave Davis
Franky Kloeck
DJ Ghost
Jan Vervloet
Jones & Stephenson Live
V Beatz

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