party Gravity - Dreams & Promises (January Edition)

Gravity - Dreams & Promises (January Edition)

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36 Alter Markt, 50667 Köln (DE)

Gay , Techno, House

Dreams & Promises (January Edition)

// AM3D

GRAVITY //for the gay & open minded// 23h-6h,
Club Degree
Alter Markt 36
50667 Köln

GRAVITY - Techno & Progressive for the gay and the open minded. There is no dresscode or such, except your open mind, your kindness and your love about electronic music.

Club Degree offers you a stunning clear sound with a lot of deep bass - ideal for what Gravity is all about! There's a lot of space to dance, to fly, to watch and to flirt... and also to sit down if you need a little rest or a talk.

It's more than easy to reach by feet from Cologne Main Station as well as from the Subway station "Heumarkt" or from the popular esplanade of the Rhine.
And if you prefer to come by car - no problem, there are several parking garages close to Alter Markt.

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