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Techno, House

Vrijdag 21 April 2017, 22:00
22 April 2017, 6:00

4 Rijnkaai, 2000 Antwerpen (BE)

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Showcase alert! Labyrinth Club is coming to Club Vaag with 4 superb residents, each with their own style and skills.

▦ ABSURD live

Not following any prescriptions or guidelines for their music but instead creating their very own. ABSURD stands for unique, unrefined and unmanipulated to the nowadays craving for "perfection". Presenting the music lovers a 100% live experience, twisted and moulded in lots of directions. Expect nothing, get sucked up in their own perception of reality. www.facebook.com/absurdlive/

Farrago surfaces as a new name on the Belgian techno scene albeit with a familiar face. In 2013 Sam Deliaert formerly known as Talbot Wood was picked up by compatriots Jorn and Tom - from Other Heights and Curle Recordings respectively - under who's flag he played multiple showcases and live shows across Europe throughout '13 & '14. The name change is motivated by the meaning of the word itself. Farrago, literally 'a perplexing mixture', is the alignment and legacy of his earlier work merged with new ideas and recent development. Arpeggiated melodies reverberating endlessly to the point where they are deemed tangible driven by the resonating sound of a classic 4/4 kickdrum. It's the perfect marriage between body and soul. For now, preparing a live performance built around the Octatrack - the beating heart of the setup - is his main priority. Meanwhile though, some of the more captivating patterns and synthesis from his other Elektron unit, the Analog Four, have already found their way through a recording device. This preceded a connection with ARTS, a young but already quite established Berlin based techno label. www.facebook.com/samfarrago/

Ugur Yurt has settled in his Antwerp studio as one of Belgium's most popular underground DJ/producer. In only a few years time, he has become resident of Belgium's most known clubs such as La Rocca and Café d’Anvers. Each year when the days are getting longer, Ugur enjoys playing Belgium's biggest festivals. He has played more than once at Belgium's worldwide known Tomorrowland festival and has been playing at Extrema Outdoor Belgium since 2011. His fresh 2013 Ibiza residency at the Flying Circus parties in Sankeys shows the world what an influential man Ugur Yurt has become in the underground scene. He spends all of his free time in the studio, crafting and creating his signature tracks .His sound is unique, as well as the DJ sets that he brings. He is already getting support from big names in the scene but you hold tight because Ugur Yurt's success story has only just began. www.facebook.com/uguryurtmusic/

Unclesand is a duo of two guys. Two guys who have been friends for the past 2 decades. Both of them, Jens and Klaas, have been passionated about music for ages. That passion can be found in various musical projects where they appear solo or together and in 2013 their musical activities get a final form: Unclesand. Whipping up tech house with some minimal and techno influences is the very brief summary you could assign to their perfomances. www.facebook.com/weareunclesand/

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