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SONUS Festival 2018

Techno, House

Zondag 04 Juni 2017, 11:00
04 Juni 2017, 23:00

12 Höfkerstr., 44379 Dortmund (DE)

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▩ PollerWiesen Festival 2017, Dortmund

PollerWiesen Festival returns to Revierpark Wischlingen in Dortmund on pentecost Sunday (Pfingstsonntag) on 4 Stages from 11:00h - 23:00h.

▩ Regular Tickets: 28€ - www.pollerwiesen.ticket.io
▩ Group Ticket (5 Persons): 125€
▩ Hardtickets: Corsopassage, Hansastraße 44, 44137 Dortmund

▼ Line-Up (A-Z per stage) ▼

Ben Klock // Julia Govor // Len Faki // Marcel Dettmann // Rødhåd // Sam Paganini

Bart Skils // Charlotte de Witte // Dax J // Enrico Sangiuliano // Ferro // Karenn (live) // Konstantin Sibold

&ME // Andhim // Dominik Eulberg // Juliet Sikora // P.A.C.O. // Paji (live)

Aroma Pitch // DJ Stingray // FJAAK (live) // Helena Hauff // Konstantin

▩ Info: www.pollerwiesen.org

This Sunday the Pollerwiesen Opening will take place in the Jugendpark in Cologne! And on the 4th of June the PollerWiesen Festival will take place at Revierpark Wischlingen in Dortmund.

The anticipation for this year's PollerWiesen Festival is great. Once more the breathtaking Revierpark Wischlingen in the heart of Dortmund with it's grasslands, sands and forest areas is serving as the perfect spot for the
PollerWiesen Festival! With no less than four stages, the whole park is going to get crazy on whitsunday this year!

And there's another News: For the first time PollerWiesen Festival will go from 11h – 23h!

The following artists are confirmed for the PollerWiesen Festival as of now: (in alphabetical order)

He is the DJ extraordinaire! His alias already shows his modesty. He had releases with labels like Kompakt, Saved Records and not at last his own label keinemusik. Tracks like „One on One feat. Fink“ or „Shadows“ made him famous far beyond Germany. He
captivates the audience with a mix of Techno and soulful House.

They are one of the most popular DJ-duos: Andhim. Simon and Tobias started playing together in 2010 and are obviously successful. Tracks like „Wine and Chocolate“ or „Walkmen“ are super tunes. Their sounds combine their Hip-Hop roots and the current
passion for electronic music.

Aroma Pitch is both a DJ trio and record label. The three cologne boys, now based in Berlin, began to create various types of electronic dance music with their analogue instruments quite some years ago and afterwards started to playback-to-back-to-back DJ
sets. Since 2011 they have been resident DJs of the party series "Cologne Sessions". With their unforeseeable collection of throbbing techno, synthesized disco and raw house they provide a continual mood of surprise.

He has the constant flow of top quality releases and is internationally rated with some of the most cutting edge techno tracks focussing on pure dancefloor grooves and atmosphere. His massive productions gave him opportunities to remix artists like Moby,
Joris Voorn, Kollektiv Turmstrasse and many more. Besides this Skils’ long running residency at his own Amsterdam based Festival “Voltt” have proven pivotal in bringing
Amsterdam’s New School generation together. This was a good reason to choose Voltt as hoster of the beach stage at PollerWiesen Festival.

The boy from London was multiple times nominated as breakthrough Dj and belongs to the 100 best DJ's of 2016 according to Resident Advisor. In his adopted home Berlin he's running a studio in which he's producing and working as a sound engineer. His past preferences of Drum'n'Bass and Jungle are still heard in his current tracks.

He is the one who united nature and techno in one. The roots of the ornithologist are in Westerwald. Flora and fauna are his biggest source of inspiration and everybody can hear it in his music. His first release in 2009 on Traum Schallplatten was his breakthrough and combines bird twittering and minimal to an entity.

Born in Reggio Emilia, Italy, little Enrico spent his childhood manifesting a particular adoration for percussion, creating real performances. Then he realized that with computers he could create sounds on surfaces unknown to reality and could make them reverberate in virtual non-existent spaces. Afterwards he began his career through illegal rave parties. In the last 11years, he has played in the most important raves created in Italy, earning space thanks to his numerous unreleased productions that became "party hits". In recent years he has started putting his releases out into the international techno scene. His tracks are rhythmic, deep, and hypnotic... Techno from the heart.

A down to earth young man with passion for sound is Jasper Ferro. When he's producing a new track he doesn't have a plan. Sometimes he starts with the drums, sometimes with the bassline. He does what he feels. The Dutch man is addicted to buying expensive, analogue instruments. Luckily he's sharing a studio with friends and everybody brought some stuff to use.

At the beginning there were drums and guitars. Then the three Berlin boys discovered their love to analogue electronic instruments. In 2014 they had their breakthrough with their hit “Don't Leave Me”. FJAAK is still a band. For them jamming is essential for their creative process. Their mixture of tracks for being at home or in the club is giving back an easiness to the scene.

Photography, art or physics: DJ and producer Helena Hauff tried many things in her life. But she continued with music. She made her first steps to more awareness in her hometown Hamburg. From there she went far with her mix of acid house, industrial/EBM
and electronic.

The native polish found to the music through the piano at an early age. By now she's a popular DJ for house music and plays in small and big clubs and on several festivals. With her good mood and her smile she's always entertaining the crowd. Besides she's a label boss in her adopted home Dortmund and often seen with her Kittball family as on this year's PollerWiesen Festival.

The two boys from UK, Pariah and Blawan, knew each other for a longer time but only in 2011 they noticed they are playing the same discs and started a new project: KARENN. They discovered their preferences for hardware instead of computers. This made
spontaneous, natural sounds happen. Little mistakes during the recording created interesting arrangements. Their drum-sound is aggressive, distorted and energetic.

He is one of the founder of the Label and collective Giegling. Besides his real name Konstantin, he plays also as Herr Koreander and is part of the live-act Kettenkarussell. He produces a sound that likes to wallow in the lower tempos and plays on a minimalist
aesthetic. His sets are as convertible as he is and represent the future of electronic music for a post-modern world.

HipHop and Rap were his interests in his youth. Nevertheless he worked out to become a hot DJ of electronic music with in 22 years. He and his friend Leif Müller started their own event series in their hometown Stuttgart. 2013 the Groove magazine voted him to the „newcomer of the year“. His DJ sets incorporate everything from techno and house to EBM, acid and indie stuff.

Dettmann had already begun to develop his passion for electronic music in his youth. There was no record store in his hometown so he started selling vinyl’s from his own home. In the mid 90’s he began going out in Berlin with his friends and afterwards started small parties. This brought him to the Berghain residency in 1999. The DJ and producer also established his own label MDR.

The man with the hat got spanish roots and is living in Dortmund. The label Kittball Records is Dortmund based too where he is under contract quite successful. He is playing fresh and varied Sound while always looking for the crowd on the dance floor.

PAJI (live)
Already with five years PAJI began to play classical instruments. Among percussions, the violin has been his favorite instrument. In his youth he discovered his talent for combining different music styles. For him, music is a symbol for unlimited possibilities. And this is audible in his live sets which are always featured differently.

The Italian Samuel has played piano, guitar and drums in several local bands in the age of 15 until he met the decks. Various small gigs followed and in 1993 he got his first contract. He became a world-famous DJ with releases at labels like Terminal M, Plus8 and Drumcode. His tracks stand for deep, hard techno.



Aroma Pitch
Bart Skils
Ben Klock,
Dax J
Dominik Eulberg
Enrico Sangiuliano
Ferro, Fjaak (Live)
Helena Hauff
Juliet Sikora
Karenn (Live)
Konstantin Sibold
Marcel Dettmann,
Paji (Live)
Sam Paganini
and many more…


Regular Tickets: 28€ - www.pollerwiesen.ticket.io
Group Ticket (5 Persons): 125€

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