party Pompers & Staalhard present Felix Kröcher!

Pompers & Staalhard present Felix Kröcher!

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Vrijdag 12 Januari 2018 23:00 » 13/01/2018 07:00


15 Verversrui, 2000 Antwerpen (BE)

Techno, House

Finally two pioneer Antwerp based techno concepts collaborate.

Pompers Kollektiv and STAALHARD proudly present:

Felix Kröcher (DE)
Techno from Germany has a long-standing tradition and many faces. One of its most famous is FELIX KROECHER from Frankfurt. Despite only being 30 years old, he helped shape electronic music since the mid 00 years. With his very own interpretation of techno he presents the zeitgeist in a way that does not care about trend but prefers to create new ones. His dance floor sound – first presented at the legendary U60311 in his home town – is alive at the really big festivals and the most famous clubs.

facebook: https://www.fac...oecherofficial/
beatport: https://www.bea...x-krocher/21075

Café d'Anvers
Verversrui 15
2000 Antwerpen

Felix Kröcher (DE)
JENS. (Staalhard)
Seba b2b Robbertoo (Staalhard)
Dennlav (Pompers Kollektiv)
OBI . (Pompers Kollektiv)

First Wave 8€
Second Wave 10€
Doorsale 15€ Search Hotel

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