party On presents: Sandrino (Innervisions, Sum Over Histories)

On presents: Sandrino (Innervisions, Sum Over Histories)

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Zondag 14 Januari 2018 18:00 » 15/01/2018 01:00


18 Rue de Stassart, 1050 Ixelles (BE)

House, Techno

Both Frankey and Sandrino have individually been active with electronic music well over a decade now. On the one hand, there's Sandrino whose passion for life is driven by longtime love for house music in all its forms and shapes.

In 2017 Frankey & Sandrino return to Dixon & Ame's Innervisions with 'Wega/Pollux', a darkly minimal house experiment building gradually into chill and glitchy house with sparse rhythm arrangements and buzzy melodies.


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