party The Gardens of Babylon - Belgium Stories part III

The Gardens of Babylon - Belgium Stories part III

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Vrijdag 17 November 2017 22:00 » 18/11/2017 05:00


15 Verversrui, 2000 Antwerpen (BE)

Dance, House

It's still a vivid memory..
A strong sense of belonging..
A dream almost, created together..

A little over a while ago we set foot on the Belgian shores, to find our Belgian friends and family. Right in the middle of this incredible production by WECANDANCE - Electronic Beach Festival we got to play by our own rules. And we belonged. Our dream crowd came together with this mindblowing set of artists. The music, the vibe.

Time to follow our hearts for the third time...

Calling our Belgian family to another chapter in the book of Babylon, for on the 17th of November we return to Antwerp.

Stay tuned for more information...


The Gardens of Babylon

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"The Gardens of Babylon - Belgium Stories part III" Party gemeld door : Tommy de Mulder