party Zodiak presents Tom Dazing, CYRK Live

Zodiak presents Tom Dazing, CYRK Live

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Zaterdag 17 November 2018 23:55 » 18/11/2018 07:00


10 Rue Marché aux Fromages, 1000 Brussels (BE)

Techno / House

We’re glad to welcome again our dear friends from CYRK, the live duo of Sierra Sam and PASCAL HETZEL, we also invite for this event Tom Dazing.

LINE-UP: Tom Dazing, CYRK (live), XaCT, Herton, Cap'n Orlando
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Emerging from the old industrial center of Belgium (Aalst), young producer Tom Dazing got hooked on music at an early age. Born in 1985 on the musical axis of Ghent-Brussels, and with music strengthening its grip on him, he soon found his way to the record stores at the age of 18, setting off on becoming a reputed DJ but soon evolving towards the production side of things. Tom develops an interest in a wide spectrum of music styles, but consumed by the strength, power and instinctive structure of techno, that music would control him up to now.

| CYRK live (CYRK)

CYRK is a live show and studio duo that now starts life as an exciting new label in the hands of two Berlin based producers Sierra Sam and Pascal Hetzel.
Influenced by Detroit house and techno with shades of electro, the pair have many individual achievements between them. As such they are a well travelled, hugely experienced pair who promise to bring plenty of excitement to the table.

| XaCT (ZODIAK - Tech me out!)

XaCT is a Brussels-based DJ who likes mixing many styles during his marathon sets. From from heavy techno to micro house, his performances are like a road movie at top speed, in which the plot keeps you in suspense until the outcome.

| Herton (ZODIAK- Blackwall Record)


| Cap’n Orlando all-night long

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